Every Vanilla Bicycle designed & handcrafted
by Sacha White is a unique interpretation.
That means you're getting a once in a lifetime bicycle that is designed and crafted for your individual pursuits.

It isn't the material, it's what you do with it.

A good bike can be made of any material. There are heavy and flexy carbon, aluminum, ti or steel frames and there are light, stiff and beautifully handling bikes of every material. The difference comes down to a builder’s experience with the material and construction.

I build bikes in steel. Super light, very advanced steel. This is the material that I know and it’s the material that I can build a great bicycle with.

Our tubing comes from Columbus (Italy) and True Temper (US). The new steel alloys that are coming from these master metallurgists are more than twice the strength of a standard butted tube like Reynolds 531. The stronger the material, the lighter the tube can be, making our lightest steel frames within a pound of the lightest frames of any material on the market. I use silver to join my lugs and tubes. Silver has a very low melting temperature. When a steel frame is built with silver, the matrix of the steel is left virtually unchanged and its strength unaffected.

It’s important to me that my bikes are unlike any other on the planet. Each little piece from our stainless dropouts, to our cable adjusters, to our handcarved lugs are either made right here in our shop, or they're made for us. It isn’t that our parts are better because they’re made in house, or because they’re proprietary. They’re better because they springboard off of tradition and history and are an evolution of what is widely available for frames. And the only way for us to achieve that is to design and make them ourselves. 

I love detail, but I love understated design even more. Your Vanilla is going to exude care and craftsmanship, but not with gaudy, over the top bling. I’m talking about details that you’ll notice years later as you learn more about the craft and about yourself as a cyclist. Details so subtle and thoroughly done that when your frame is beat up and missing 90% of its paint 100 years down the road someone who knows bikes will look it over and say “that is a fine bicycle”. 

– Sacha White

Nothing makes us happier than building you the most attractive, most dependable, once-in-a-lifetime bike possible. Sacha White personally designs and builds each Vanilla to be best friend material.


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