Speedvagen Urban Racer Next Level Upgrades



A Speedvagen original design, Our bar/stem combo features a beautiful, minimalist swept back handlebar shape, with the binder tucked neatly into the stem. Our bar/stem combo is 100% steel and in addition to being foxy, it feels totally bomb-proof whether you’re out of the saddle, or descending hard (down a set of stairs?). The stem portion combo comes in 3 lengths (110mm, 135mm, 150mm) and comes painted to match your new Urban Racer. The width comes standard as a 44cm and can be cut down to a 40cm. This upgrade is $600.00

Front Rack and Bag

We’ve been making racks for many, many years. For the Urban Racer, we wanted uncluttered and very sturdy, so we designed this thing from the ground up, without being tied to convention. The result is very light, it’s painted to match, and it holds a bag that’s big enough for a laptop and a couple pieces of clothing, or a few groceries. The rack upgrade is $450 and includes paint and fork mods. 

The bag we’re spec’ing is Brooks Norfolk Roll Top Pannier. Featuring the Ortlieb QL2 attachment system. The bag upgrade is $110.


Lighting System

Looking to generate your own power? Don’t want to think about batteries, clipping lights on and off? Our Dynamo Lighting system is for you. We’re using Supernova LED lights out of Germany and a German Schmidt SON generator hub.. The wires are skillfully routed inside of the frame and the mounting points for lighting are discrete. This means that they’re out of the way when riding and they won’t distract from the raw lines of the bike. This upgrade is $530 and includes Supernova lights, Son generator hub, wire routing, fork and frame mods and custom mounts.



Speedvagen Carbon Post Head.

Made for us by Enve Composites right here in the USA, our carbon fiber post head has infinite adjustment, accommodates round, or oval saddle rails, cuts some weight and with the Speedvagen shield emblazoned on the front, it’s a beautiful match for the rest of your Urban Racer. The Enve Post Head is $345 but that run-on sentence is no charge.


Riding in Portland 365 days per year, we know (and love) fenders. Honjo fenders (made in Japan) are the lightest and most beautiful available. For the Urban Racer, we cut them down for a hot-rod aesthetic and to keep the feel of the bike nice and spry. Fenders get painted to match so that they’re more of an extension of the frame, rather than more stuff that’s just bolted on. This upgrade is $270 and includes fender customization all of the mounting hardware and paint.


Have Ready Made Urban Racer Upgrade Questions? Contact us at info@speedvagen.com