Your custom disc cross
race machine.

The sport of cyclocross has evolved, and so have we. The performance advantages of disc brakes are indisputable. You can take more speed into the corners, brake solidly with a single finger, shed mud faster – all this adds up to less fatigue and faster lap times. New for 2015 are custom machined tapered headtubes, Enve disc forks, and a rear disc mount that is as beautiful as it is strong. Our race-proven platform has been redesigned to suck every last bit of performance gain from today's best hydraulic brake systems.

Our caliper mount helps the braking forces dissipate into the frame, and because the dropout doesn't have to be overbuilt to deal with the braking forces, it's lighter and super clean looking. The chainstay mount is machined from a super strong stainless steel and left bare at the mating surface. It also pierces and is welded to both walls of the chainstay for added strength. Light + strong + pretty = rad.

On our bikes we machine the headtube specific for each rider. This means that the proportions of the taper look right for each size of frame and also that we can keep the tapering headtube very thin and very light. There are off the shelf options for tapering steel head tubes, but they weigh 2-3 times as much as ours. There's added time and expense involved, but this is the way to do disc right.

In the name of preserving the bike’s clean lines, we route the rear brake housing internally from the headtube to the rear caliper. To do this, we use a larger PF30 shell and adjust where the tubes are mated to the bb shell, so that the housing has as direct a path as possible. The result? A cleaner frame and a brake line that is shielded from both the elements and the race day mishaps that could damage it.