Speedvagen was born on the cross course.

Cyclocross is our favorite of all disciplines. Maybe that’s because the culture of cross (camaraderie, celebration and racing your guts out, 100%) matches our values so closely. Much of Speedvagen’s distinct aesthetic comes from lots of head scratching about how a cross machine could be better. The details run deep and they’re all there for a reason. If they made the cut, it’s because they make the bike faster, or better for shouldering, or to solve the ages old canti brake issues. If not, they’re gone.

This carbon stem with integrated brake routing, cleans up the front end of the bike visually, allows you to lower your stack height by 10mm (crucial for smaller frames and riders) and decreases your bike’s weight. Plus your braking is also more efficient as it eliminates the flex and chatter that come from traditional hangers.

Beyond looking wicked sexy, the integrated seatmast allows the rear brake cable to pierce the seat tube. This design replaces the rear segment of the brake housing and its accompanying stops and adjusters. The result is less friction from housing, stiffer braking from lack of housing squish and real weight savings from all the stuff that’s not there.


Our thinking and design extends to places you probably won't even think to look. Unless, of course, you opt for Di2 integration on your Speedvagen. Then you'll uncover more hidden details like stainless wire ports and our our machined and painted seat tube battery cover.