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Route 11: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

[Route 11 is a new series for Speedbloggen. We will be sharing great rides from around the world that you can do in a couple of hours, should you find yourself in the area, and grab a coffee or beer after. For Speedvagen owners there is a special bonus. All of the authors are fellow Speedvageneers and have generously allowed me to make email introductions. So, now you will know where to ride and better yet, where to finish! You might even end up with a riding companion or two. Of course, you are welcome to share a ride. Just email me, tom [at] vanillabicycles [dot] com for details.]  

Route via Jon Woodroof - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - @RollCallAMS

What & Where? 

Inspired by @RollCallSF, this mostly weekly ride rolling since October 2013 has become an Amsterdam cycling scene staple.  #RollCallAMS is casual ride composed of designers, engineers & entrepreneurs in and around Holland's capital. Embracing the founder, Jon Woodroof's #earlytobedearlytshred ethos, the group rolls out on Fridays from the westside of Westerpark at 615am sharp. 

Why this ride? 

Jon first moved to Amsterdam in September 2013.  Some of his favorite miles on the bike in Atlanta were spent on his weekly #serenberide there. By posting photos of the sights along the way, he compelled some pretty cool people to wake up early and join him on early AM weekday rides before work. Intent on doing the same in Amsterdam, Jon iterated on a a few routes & start times until it gained momentum & ridership.

Ultimately, this ride became a unique contribution to Amsterdam's already eclectic cycling scene. There are plenty of hard man training rides, lazy Sunday loops and evening laps to be had but the #RollCallAMS ride may very well be the only aggressive AM approach to pre-dawn conversations of business and friendship in the city.  : )

What to expect?

  • 50-60km • ~28km/h avg • ~2hrs • No Drop
  • Views like these: @RollCallAMS
  • Meet awesome dudes like Paul from Human, Olaf from Wit Industries and Speedvagen owners Johannes & Jon
  • Variations of this route.  
  • We usually stop at: White Label Coffee or Meesterknecht for coffee afterwards

Tips before you roll? 

Mention @RollCallAMS and/or @Twotoneams a day or two before to ensure everyone is in town

Bring lights as its dark in the winter! (Summer promises epic sunrises over the #DutchCountryside)

All the essentials: flat kit, wind/rain jacket & helmet

[GPX attached]

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