Route 11: Melbourne, Australia

 [Route 11 is a new series for Speedbloggen. We will be sharing great rides from around the world that you can do in a couple of hours, should you find yourself in the area, and grab a coffee or beer after. For Speedvagen owners there is a special bonus. All of the authors are fellow Speedvageneers and have generously allowed me to make email introductions. So, now you'll know where to ride and better yet, where to finish! You might even end up with a riding companion or two. Of course, you're also welcome to share a ride. Just email me, tom [at] vanillabicycles [dot] com for details.]

Route via Andy Rogers - Melbourne, Australia - Mt Pleasant Loop

Mt Pleasant2_Andy Rogers

Not very far out from the city, Mt Pleasant Road is a nice winding road that runs through the back streets of one of our outer North-Eastern suburbs. The suburb itself is quite populated but this particular road almost feels like a country road with minimal vehicle traffic. Very popular with cyclist as you could imagine. The ride out there and back takes in a few nice quieter back streets with a couple pinchy short climbs to warm up the legs and get the lungs heaving. There's also a little section on the way back that takes one of the main roads which lends itself to a good sprint fest to get some friendly competition vibes going on.

Start and end point are at a favourite café of mine; Short Round. Great coffee and a delicious menu. Good mix of some undulation but enough break to have a chat and nothing too full on so you can definitely enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

Route Details

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 10.51.12 AM
Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 10.51.12 AM
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