Route 11: Tokyo, Japan - “Ura-Onekan Ride”

Route via Ichico - Ura-Onekan Ride - Tokyo, Japan

What do you call this ride? 

“Ura-Onekan Ride”
A lot of cyclists choose main “Onekan” road which has wide and reasonable hill and good for quick training. However, you could find real fun side of “Onekan” on the back street of main road. We call it Ura-Onekan, which means Onekan Backstreet. You could find many great photos at here with #uraonekan in Instagram. There is a square road mirror next to a rice field stands about 18km from the start and it’s called #ichicomirror. Find out more photos with #ichicomirror on Instagram!

The Start and goal place is a convenience store called Lawson, Japanese convenience chain stores. This Lawson is the meeting spot for many cyclists and also great place for meeting new cyclists. The start is located about 20km away from central Tokyo and easy to access with bike or trains too.
There is a super-delicious bakery caffe called “Cicoute Bakery” at the halfway point (34.5km from start).

Why this ride? What are the features? 

Ura-Onekan has completely different scenery from typical picture of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Here, you could find unpaved gravel roads, farm roads and village scenery. There are so many short and steep hills which remind us “De Ronde”. This unusual experiences much far from metropolis Tokyo always stimulate our curiosity.
We normally choose Ura-Onekan for first half of the ride and use main Onekan road for the return. Main Onekan are busy street but not too dangerous. We just need to remember we should keep riding left side of the road and one row peloton on busy road.
Mr.Adachi has first made a route including Ura-Onekan, the motif is the “De Ronde”, and opened to the public. Since then, people has enjoyed finding and customizing their own route including Ura-Onekan.

When is the best time to ride this route?

You could enjoy this route from early morning to the night, although you need more than 200lumen light at the night, through four seasons. If you would like to visit a “Cicoute Bakery”, it’s better to leave the start point 8~9 O’clock in the morning to arrive the caffe just after the opening time. Generally we don’t recommend to go outside and ride a bike during noon in August, which is a hottest month of the year. You won’t be able to catch up the opening time of the caffe but early morning or twilight ride is recommended during Summer.

What suggestions would you offer a visitor riding this route?

There are great dirt side roads in the first half of the route and you could dare to divert your way. You could ride everywhere in Uea-Onekan with road bikes if you have any off road bike skills. We’ll take you to the any side roads If you have a chance to ride with us.


Cicoute Bakery
3-9-5-101 Minami-osawa
Tel: 042-675-3585
OPEN 11:30–18:30, CLOSE Mon&Tue

Lawson Inagi Tsurukawa Kaidou
432-1 Yanoguchi
Tel: 042-378-7020

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