Speedvagen Black Road Kit - Pre-Order Only, Deadline is Sunday, March 1st.

The black Speedvagen team kit is an evolution of the original Army Green version. Clean, crisp, balanced, and minimal, this is the collection that our team has been racing in exclusively for the last two years. We like offering something special to the Speedvagen family of owners, as well as to friends of the brand. The team kit seemed like just the thing. In addition to looking better than any of your riding buddies, every kit purchases helps to support the team. We hope you can join us this season, in person and in spirit, as we spread the gospel of riding hard, holding ourselves to a high standard, and being good to our fellow racers—all while looking for a few chances to poke some fun at ourselves! 

In addition to the base kit, we're offering a handful of new garments. The Wild Card is a hot pink version of the team jersey. It will play well with the rest of the kit, or stand on its own. We're also offering the Castelli Climber’s Jersey in a warm gray. The Climber’s Jersey is super light and very breathable, and made for the hottest rides. It's different than the standard top, making for a great tool to beef up the arsenal.

To complement the main garments, we have our matching black Team cap that you can add to your order, as well as a new version in Hawt Pank to match the Wild Card jersey.

The jacket and vest, originally designed by Jeremy Dunn (of The Athletic fame) are an abstract design in our signature blue, gray, black, and red with an explosion of Speedvagen text and shields. The contrast to the abstract outer layers is a strictly business base kit in black, with color bands as punctuation on the sleeves, legs, and collar. Speedvagen shields are emblazoned on the chest, back, and legs.

Castelli has been making some of the best apparel available for over 100 years. Plus, they’re right down the road from us, so it’s a natural fit to work with them for our racing gear. All of the clothing is made here in the Northwest, and the items we’ve selected for you are the top of the Castelli line. Wear them well. 

We are taking orders for two weeks only, and we won’t be keeping any back stock. This means that only a handful of you will have the kit—plus our six team riders. 

To place an order, please visit the Vanilla Workshop Store. If you have any questions drop us a line: customerservice@vanillabicycles.com

All Photography Courtesy Of Jeff Curtes. Follow @jeffcurtes on Instagram.

Posted on February 12, 2015 .