Route 11: San Francisco, California

[Route 11 is a new series for Speedbloggen. We will be sharing great rides from around the world that you can do in a couple of hours, should you find yourself in the area, and grab a coffee or beer after. For Speedvagen owners there is a special bonus. All of the authors are fellow Speedvageneers and have generously allowed us to make email introductions. So, now you will know where to ride and better yet, where to finish! You might even end up with a riding companion or two. Of course, you are welcome to share a ride. Email: for details.]

The 501 Ride by Erik Joule. 

If you live in the Bay Area, or plan to be there for work or play, this Route is an absolute must! But don't expect to take home many KOM's, Erik tops our Strava leaderboard regularly and as the CMO at Strava, it's kind of his job to crush it!

Why this ride?

This ride is THE Bay Area classic with all the marquee points. I call it the 501 of rides, because like the 501 it is a classic and so iconic. (Note: Erik was the brains behind the Levi's Commuter line so when he says "501 of rides" he knows what he's talking about.) 

This hits all the highs and lows of the Bay Area. Small, quaint Marin towns, Redwoods, Dry Chaparral, epic ocean vistas, 5000' of climbing and a Lake. Good roads and the crappiest of has it all!

When is it best to ride?

This ride is best in the winter, late Fall or early Spring. It can get quite hot in the summer. Don't smash this ride, and if you do...stop at the top of all climbs to smell the roses, the vistas are insane!

Anything we should know before we go? 

Heads up: The Seven sisters, or seven bitches as we refer to it, can be quite windy so avoid deep dish wheels.

What's something special that we might otherwise just ride past? 

There is a small trail running trail undulating right below the seven sisters hills, it is so small that only one foot can go in front of another. Check it out!

It is best to start this Route at the Rapha Cycle Club (RCC) in Cow Hollow.

This is the Route.

Posted on March 4, 2015 .