The 2015 Speedvagen Road Guidebook

Click The Image To Open The PDF. 

Click The Image To Open The PDF. 

We are really excited about 2015! Not only is it our 15th year building Vanilla & Speedvagen in Southeast Portland, it's also full of new projects. Some of that "new" is going to come later in the year but we have a few things right here that we want to show you now. 

Each year Sacha selects the color palette for Speedvagen. This is a way to define the year and create a family of bikes distinct to that place and time. This year we are also introducing three new paint schemes. Ghost will replace Covert as our straightforward, one-color option. HollaText is the evolution of the much loved Hollow Text, see it here. And, while Horizon was new for 2014, we're putting the reigns in your hands this year. Choose Your Own Horizon gives you an 11-color crayon box to play with and customize your colors. Of course, there's always Surprise Me!, no hints, no regrets

Also new for 2015, we will be offering full disc builds on our road and cross machines. We've been playing with disc on Vanilla for years and now we've developed a new disc mounting system for Speedvagen that we're really proud of. 

So, dig into the Guidebook and let us know what you think. If you're ready to pull the trigger in 2015 all you need to do is click

Posted on January 13, 2015 .