Limited Edition: Speedvagen x ICNY Money Truck Tee

Tony Kic gets the lights going at his twilight cross series, Blind Date At The Dairy. 

Tony Kic gets the lights going at his twilight cross series, Blind Date At The Dairy. 

The Money Truck is our team vehicle. It's a 1991 International armored delivery vehicle we acquired three years ago to transport our solid gold Speedvagen Family Racing team machines. It holds nine bikes and all of the teams gear. It's been hot rodded a bit with racing stripes, side pipes, a hood scoop, a stereo system and a built in repair stand that mounts to the passenger side rear of the truck. It is, like Speedvagen, where tuff meets fun. It's a huge, loud beast with a f'n gold unicorn shield on the crash guard. Read on for a bit of the back story...

A joint ad'venture' with ENVE Composites our 7-ton armored truck was purchased in Chicago via Craigslist, you can really find anything there. Our teammate, Laura Winberry, volunteered to drive the giant home to Portland and, after convincing her college roommate Renae to join her, flew to Chicago to meet Chad and get the keys. Papers were signed and keys were procured and Chad called about every 6-hours to make sure everything was going well on their trip home. 

It's September, in the mid west, and the bullet proof glass windows don't roll down. The steel box has two fans and a couple of vent holes you have to put your weight into to open. On the upside, the security of camping at truck stops in the back of an armored truck is pretty much unmatched! It was four days of laughing, crying and catching up with an old friend, on the road. Coasting into Wyoming on fumes at midnight, a beautiful early fall trail run in Utah and finally, home. 

Now, the work would begin. The Vanilla Workshop looked more like the Vanilla Chop Shop for a few days as we modified both the interior and exterior to meet our teams needs but the end result was worth it. We've driven it to local and regional cross races for the last three years where we produce a series of Kids Cross events. The truck effortlessly delivers our custom kid-sized barriers, tents, tables and gear. We even took it to Los Angeles last year for Spooky CX. It's been an awesome experience full of both challenges and rewards. That's why we're so stoked to share it with you in this Limited Edition Speedvagen x ICNY reflective tee. It's a big image that really delivers on the scale of the truck itself. Just beware, you might scare the wits out of a driver when they see the Money Truck light up in their head lights!  

Posted on November 19, 2014 .