"Well, That's Nice." Part 1

[The way a bike looks is important and it’s also easy to show. What’s harder is to communicate how a bike rides and how it is to work with the builder. We can tell you what we have worked hard to create: that this is going to be the best experience on a bike that you’ve ever had, but we’re biased. Our customers, however, are just like you: they love bikes and they’re in search of a great one. "Well, that's nice." is an ongoing collection of their experiences with our shop and with the bike that resulted.]


Chuck Miller - 2014 Speedvagen Cross Machine

My beautiful speedvagen cx arrived and i unpacked and assembled it last pm. the packing method and materials were incredible as it arrived in perfect condition. as you already know the frame is over the top beautiful; i have had MANY custom and non custom bikes over the last 35 years and vanilla/speedvagen bikes are in a class unto their own. i plan to get a ride in asap and i will let you know how much fun it is:) thank you all again and take care; you are wonderful.  peace, chuck


well after a few rides( road, fire trails, single track ), what can i say; AMAZING!!! as with the vanilla, it does everything superbly. not only does it get cudos from the local cyclista on looks alone, it is a pleasure to ride. again thanks to you and all the expert craftsmen and women for again making a dream became a reality. peace,  chuck

Posted on October 22, 2014 .