Speedvagen Coffee Compendium [Updated]

Speedvagen Team Coffee Break
Speedvagen Team Coffee Break

Ongoing and exclusively generated by readers(riders) suggestions, this is a compendium of places around the world to get a great cup of coffee and maybe run into a fellow cyclist or two, maybe even one on a Speedvagen or Vanilla.

East of the Mississippi:

Matt: High Five Coffee: Asheville, NC

VeloChamp: "Buddy Brew Coffee here in Tampa, FL. Great folks, phenomenal single-origin coffee roasted in house."

California (Bay Area):

Nick: Equator Coffee - Mill Valley, CA

Jeff: Jane on Fillmore (they serve Stumptown), Rapha Cycle Club (Four Barrel coffee, SF), Cibo (Sausalito)

Ray: Sweet Maria's - Oakland, CA

Bryan: The Mill on Divisadero - SF, CA


Shawn: Cartel - Tempe, AZ "Just off Arizona State's campus, very bike friendly, beans roasted in house."

Tyler: Austin, TX "Once Over or Houndstooth are my most regular spots. D1 and Mellow Johnny's Bike Shops both have the in-house coffee shop thing going on making it easy to grab an espresso before a shop ride."

Kim: Mudsmith on Lower Greenville here in Dallas. Don't know if you'll see the elusive lone Dallas Speedvagen there or not, but they have great coffee (Four Barrel) and serve local beer, to boot!

West of the Rockies:

Carl: AMANTE up on North Broadway in Boulder, CO. A good place to hook up for a ride also.

Tom: Heart Coffee on East Burnside and Stumptown Coffee (downtown) in Portland, OR


Shorelocal: Musette Caffe for anyone visiting Vancouver, BC

United Kingdom:

Adrian: The Music Room in Lancaster, UK and Saveurs in Dartmouth, UK (I am guessing my kitchen doesn't count...)

Chris: It's a little 'provincial' down here in the Garden of England. Good coffee is starting to find it's way through though. My fave cafe stops are 'Brunch' in Canterbury and 'Eden' in Maidstone both in Kent and well placed to service riders wishign to follow the route of Stage 1 of the 2007 tour.

Justin: Penny's Cafe in Orford. The best coffee on the Suffolk Coast!

Chris: Burgate Coffee House, Canterbury Kent, England. See Jodi or Anna and say that the guy with the beard sent you! 


Arne: Tim Wendelboe, Grunerløkka, Oslo, Norway


Jon (@twotoneatl): While he's admittedly the "new guy" in Amsterdam he has a knack for finding great spots. The FietsKantine,  Lot Sixtyone Roasters and The WestergasFabriek (around12:30 on Sundays). Also, #RollCallAMS ride starts from Coffee Company Treublaan at 8am on Friday's!

Two For Joy Coffee


The Swedish Speedvagen Society has reached consensus: Via Patch

Copenhagen — The Coffee Collective. The Kenyan is perfect.

Malmö — Solde Kaffebar. Whatever single-origin they have brewed will be solid. High chance of ’Vagen come autumn.

Vismarlöv’s Gårdsbageri (20km from Malmö). Not the best coffee, but easily some of the best pastries in Sweden. And not a bad ride out.

Stockholm — Drop Coffee. Talk to your barista, he or she will know what’s up.


@AdelaideArchitect: Hey Jupiter in Adelaide, South Australia

Justin: "Nothing compares to Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills, Sydney NSW.  A cup of Java that is second to none."

Andy: A favourite café of mine is Short Round. Great coffee and a delicious menu. Melbourne, Victoria.


Ichico: "My recommended coffee shops for cyclists in Tokyo are Bonsai Cycleworks, Good People, Good Coffee and Lug Hatagaya."

Coffee with Sacha
Coffee with Sacha