A New Speedvagen Is On The Horizon


New for 2014, our Horizon paint scheme offers lots of different options for road and cross machines both. Light and airy, down and dirty... you can do anything with this scheme. A little background; it evolved from the 2012 Surprise Me! cross and 2013 Surprise Me! road schemes. We wanted some depth but  didn’t want it to feel heavy. We kept the horizontal stripes and simplified them, grounding the bike with a foundation color. A hit of pop-color through the middle is striking but not overwhelming. Typically this scheme is topped off with a lighter top color though it takes deeper hues well too.

We've put together a few examples for you here, click an image to launch a full gallery for each bike. Our long time photographer, Bob Huff shot all of these.


We design the Speedvagen road bikes to be good stage race machines. They are comfortable for long days in the saddle and very stable at high speeds. When riding curvy roads, the bike feels better and more fun the faster it goes.


We design and build the Speedvagen cross bikes to be great mud machines; stable through the transitions, balanced around the hairpins and quick, to power past when you get the holeshot. Off the course they love a fresh forest service or gravel access road alike.



I love dispelling rumors, especially when doing so might totally stoke someone out. Specifically, I'm talking about the Speedvagen wait list.

We are actively accepting deposits for Speedvagen 2014, right now. Road and cross both. Give a call or check out our Order page. Questions? Take a look here for some answers or shoot an email to Jenn: customerservice@vanillabicycles.com.

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