No Pressure! - A Speedvagen Family Racing Winter Update

Seeing all the photos and videos that modern day social media provide makes me a teeny bit bummed a few more of the Speedvagen Family Racing Team didn't head to Boulder this year. We did have one team member that raced this weekend, so please give a hearty "WOOT WOOT" to the awesome Jeff Curtes, who traveled all the way from down under to do it in style on his SS! Jeff, you really are the man and we love you.

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As for the rest of the crew, we've all been enjoying the holidays, spending time with family, and catching up on things that get set aside during cross season. Brennan is busy with his head in the clouds, learning to handle something a lot bigger than a bike, in Aviation Science and Flight school. Daisuke is still racing in Japan and enjoying the snowy winter in Nobeyama. Our fearless leader, Sacha, is making beauty on the daily, and Tom and Jenn are ever vigilant in helping get all that beauty out into the world. And me, well, I had a super fun cross season, and was happy to end it on a somewhat crazy note in the 5 degree temps of Bend this year. Since then, I've been enjoying some quality time chasing around Wicks and Decker on my new backcountry ski gear! A whole new way to get the quads burning!
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And Husky, aka Winbraker, aka Laura Winberry, who had a transformational season on the bike and took her fitness to the next level, has been contending with a different battle this winter. It's a bit of a story, and it's hers to tell, but since many were wondering why she didn't race in Bend, we decided to share the short version. Or maybe I'll just share a picture, what with those being worth a thousand words and all...
photo (3)
She had a curious looking mole on her foot near the top of the arch. It had changed shape over the course of a year. She went in to have it looked at. And biopsied. It was a melanoma. Cancer. On her foot. They removed it the first week of December. All of it, which included a lot of tissue in the area, as you can see. Yes, scary.
IMG_3360 (PSA inserted here: and on that note, please, take the time to get yourself in for a check-up, or get that freckle looked at. please.)
All is well now and her bird foot is on the mend. She is in remarkably good spirits considering she hasn't been able to walk, ride, or play in the snow to the degree that she's accustomed. And won't be able to for another month or so. But hey, nothing like a little cancer to help with perspective. And appreciation. Of life. Family. And Feet.
Hope you're all out there putting yours to good use!
Much love,
Manbreaker aka Tina
Speedvagen Family Racing
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