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The origins of this new Vanilla kit are anchored somewhere between the 60's and Now. Or, more precisely, a combination of both. I'm a sucker for beautiful colors and simplicity of design. It's so easy to do too much and when you factor in the modern technology of graphics sublimation there's no limit to what one can shoehorn onto their kit.

Back in the day team names and sponsor logos were either embroidered on, or patches were sewn/ironed on. What you ended up with were very blocky and fairly standard fonts. Colors were mostly limited to big chunks of the jersey i.e. side panels, maybe arm bands, or complete sleeves. A panel across the chest was common. There was a lot of variation from team to team, but the common thread (ignore the pun) was that the apparel of each team was reflective of the time and a product of the available technology. Machines were basic (cars were made of formed steel sheets and you could look under the hood and identify each part of the engine). Materials were basic, (wool was common) and the aesthetic was, as a result, more pure. Maybe we're desensitized now and we need a lot more of everything to entertain us, including lots of names, nebulous shapes and fades on our bike clothing. Or maybe we just had to push and push until we found the edge - and then we have to come back from the edge to a place that is good and tasteful.

Vanilla_Kit_11_6_13_ 0034Despite using modern materials and construction for the new Vanilla Team kit, I wanted to retain the purity of the good old days. The hard man days. The forging things with your hands days. The colors are vivid and true to Vanilla's pallette. The design's not challenging; its easy to understand and it'll be easy to wear. And though you can't tell in the drawing, we'll be doing our own stainless Vanilla head badge zipper pull as well as other craft touches to infuse these garments with the specialness that you expect from our workshop.

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We're working with Castelli to produce the Vanilla kit for us because they're making most everything, not just the USA, but here in the northwest. That's important to us. They have also been a great supporter of our race team; we see eye to eye on the importance of the soul of a team. And lastly, because the quality and feel of their clothing is killer.
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