Opportunity Knocks

2012-10-21 13.34.40

We have four two bicycles available if you're just the right size. Fortunately these run the full range so there's something for everyone. If you've been wanting a Vanilla MTB this might be your best chance to get one. Or let us help you come up with a new paint scheme for your new road racer. Hard to find a race-specific cross bike small enough in the shops? We might have just the right thing for you! Maybe a pair of cross machines for the right racing couple even with that 2013 Surprise Me!

A little back story: In 2002 Sacha had been building bikes for three years and things were really starting to ramp up. A couple of  friends were racing Vanilla's in national 24-hour solo MTB races and totally destroying. The Gentle Lovers team had all cat'd up to A's for cross and 1/2's on the road and were all riding Vanilla's. People were finally starting to take them seriously in spite of their every effort to the contrary. It was good times all around.

We have more pictures of each and you  can get more info if you email: customerservice@vanillabicycles.com

2012-10-21 13.34.40

Model: Vanilla MTB

Color: Red

Year: 2002


TT length C-C: 23.25”

ST C-C: 20.25”

HT length: 8”

Chainstay length: 15.75”

Steerer: 1”

Price: $1750 $1500


26” wheels

Needs a fork built, Coat will paint to match frame. Not corrected for suspension.*

Steel Vanilla Forks start at $450

Cantilever or V-brakes

Lightweight tubing

Three pair of bottle braze-ons.

Rack and fender braze-ons.

This would be an awesome 26” wheel touring bike.

*An aftermarket fork would fit but not ride right. This bike really needs a custom built fork, based on the dimensions of the frame, to ride right.

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Model: Vanilla Road Bike

Year: 2002

Color: Unpainted - We can help you design a paint scheme from the Vanilla palette and Coat will custom paint your frame.


TT length C-C: 56cm

ST C-C: 56.5cm

HT length: 168mm

Chainstay length: 416mm

Steerer: 1”

Price: $1750 SOLD


Needs a fork, which we would like to build for you. Steel Vanilla forks start at $450.

Internal rear brake cable routing


2012-10-21 15.37.04

Model: Speedvagen Team CX

Year: 2012

Color: Gold team scheme

Specs: (Custom sizing)

TT length C-C: 51.7cm

ST C-C: 48.5cm

HT length: 79mm

Chainstay length: 430

Steerer: 1 1/8th"

Price: $3850 $3500


Speedvagen/ENVE carbon seat tube upgrade

Speedvagen/ENVE carbon post head painted to match upgrade

Internal Di2 routing for external battery upgrade


2012-10-21 13.55.24

Model: Speedvagen Surprise Me! CX

Year: 2013 (New)

Price: $3950 SOLD

TT length C-C: 55.5cm

ST C-C: 55cm

HT length: 170mm

Chainstay length: 410mm

Steerer: 1 1/8th"


Complete frameset including frame, fork and Ritchey post head.

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