Kids Cross At Alpenrose Dairy


The Speedvagen Family Racing team hosted over 200 Kids at the kick off race of the Cross Crusade series here in Portland. The first race of the series is perennially held at the Alpenrose Dairy and this year we were fortunate to have our own course for the Kids. The Hot Laps we tested out last year at the final two events of the season will be a feature at every event this season and this first round had a great turnout. I had privilege of leading out all of the laps and I kept having to give myself a progressively longer head start as the older kids were really nipping at me heels. Good to see them getting faster!


The 'B' race was the largest field at 150! Tina and Laura led them out like last year and despite making our own barriers for this season and making them 3.5" shorter they still created a crazy bottleneck. Cute but crowded, the kids pushed through and a few tears were shed. All in all they came out of it smiling and ready for a carton of chocolate milk, which we happily provided.


The 'A' race was a smaller and decidedly more aggressive field of racers. Remember, some of these kids have been lining up for 5 and six years! They really appreciated the longer, more technical course. The new format has them racing for 15 minutes plus one lap, just like mom and dad. There were some strong leaders early on but overall the pack rode together very well. Definitely a smart and considerate group of future racers.

Speaking of future racers, I was told that they ran out of Junior numbers at the mid-week race series. Good problem to have, the growth of the Juniors category over the last two years has been incredible! Keep up the good work OBRA!

Finally, we got this awesome note from a parent:

"I wanted to give a huge thanks to the folks at Speedvagen Racing Machines and everyone else who helped to expand opportunities for the younger folks. I am especially thankful for the longer course and longer time for the 8 and 9 year olds. My 8-year old had grown frustrated with the short races for his age group. He absolutely loved getting to race for 15-20 minutes. This is exactly the kind of thing that will keep him interested in cross until he can ride the big course. Again, thanks to all who made it happen."

Next race is on Sunday. If you want to find out more visit the Kids Cross website or follow us on Instagram and Facebook at: @TheVanillaWorkshop #KX13.

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