"One More!"

We were fortunate to have Speedvagen CX team rider, Jeff Curtes, shoot our upcoming road lookbook back in June. We followed the Gentle Lover's up into the west hills of Portland to some of their favorite training rides including Old Germantown, Thompson and Rock Creek. They chased me down in the rental car while Jeff, 'tied in' with climbing webbing and carabiners, hung precariously out of every window and dangled his feet out the hatchback, inches from the road all in an attempt to get the shot. Totally exhilarating! All the while Cam Sylvester, from F-Stop, was filming him. Cam himself dangling out the back, leaning way too far, getting the shot of Jeff that would tell the story of how he works and why. Showing Jeff's passion for cycling and photography, was part of their Life In Focus (LIF) story series.

The result of Cam's time with Jeff is the feature of this post. Take a couple of minutes to check it out and then pass it along to a friend that loves cycling, photography, life. Watch the Film.


*Stay tuned here for the release of our 2014 Speedvagen Road LookBook due out soon. We will officially begin taking deposits for the 2014 Road Machines then as well!





"Photography Is Not About Tomorrow, It's About Getting It Done Right Now" -Jeff Curtes


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