Of No Significance


Occasionally we get notes from our customers/friends from around the world wanting to share a story about their bike. This one, from our buddy Jakes, made us all chuckle a bit and I thought it was worth sharing. 


Funny story today. Jazz Kuschke from Ride Magazine met me today to takes pics of the Speedvagen for the next issue of Ride. They are doing a “riders and their bikes” series. An out of shape gent approached us on the shoot and asked what make of bike is that. I told him it was a Speedvagen – he gave me that “I have never heard of that” dismissive response and promptly added that he used to own a Cannondale 3.0. He then asked how much it goes for and are we going to be distributing them in South Africa? I politely advised him that it is a one of a kind custom bike and no we are not going to be distributing them here. Predictably he asked the weight and when I told him it was 7.2kg he contributed in a meaningful fashion to advise that it is damn heavy. Satisfied that it was clearly of no significance to the cycling world he just walked off. I was bemused and stoked. I wanted a special dream bike that only those truly in the know would realise what they were looking at – this gent was the acid test that I had achieved my objective with flying colours. -J



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