Weekends -2

Fronteras weekends

A little bit of everything this weekend. Keep 'em coming!

The response to the first Weekends post was fantastic so I'm going to keep the series going.

ArchCloth rando@archcloth completed the Flèche NW on her Vanilla rando rig. Congrats!

Jakes at Home
Jakes posted this shot on Facebook after he unpacked his new, red hot road machine in South Africa and had some really nice things to say.
LIOTR weekend
Our friends at @LeaveItOnTheRoad put in a ton of miles over the weekend. We're getting their bikes together but @mtabtabai has been riding a Speedvagen since he got his 2010 Surprise Me! road.
 Vaagenistah weekend
@vaagenistah road in aid of the Kent Air Ambulance in the UK this weekend.
Eric Fletcher
From Speedvagen Facebook, Eric Fletcher racing his Speedvagen in the Wintergreen Ascent Uphill TT in Virginia, USA. "The bike was a one-off to test the carbon seat-tube, Sacha gave it a cool paint job after it was done, and I gave it a home. Its well used at this point, but still turns heads."

Fronteras weekends@fronteras snapped this beauty of his 2010 SV while riding in the Yokohl Valley in Central California.

 over the weekend.
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