Stunning Places


I wanted to share this letter from a new friend of the Speedvagen family. Not only did it totally make my day, it reminded me why we do this. It's about building relationships as much as it is about building bikes. I hope this gets you off to a great week!  

Hi Sacha, Jenn, Scott, Ryan and all the special people at Vanilla that made my SV possible.

I finally unboxed my Speedvagen today and spent hours unwrapping and assembling it. I felt like a heart surgeon with shaky hands too scared to scratch the beautiful creation. My first thoughts were, are you fucking kidding me there is no way I am riding this, to be followed up with a mail to you guys showing you a picture of my machine bolted and padlocked to my bedroom wall, but then I remembered the conversation I had with Sacha about owning a dream bike that only gets out on special occasions and I realized that part of the privilege of owning a bike like this is the commitment I have made to you that this bike will get ridden as it deserves – anywhere, anytime. I look forward to sending you tons of pictures from the most stunning places with my dream bike.

Thanks for the care, attention and amazing creativity you put into this project.

Kind regards,


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