Speedweek on a Speedvagen! Race Reports from TwoToneATL!


We are stoked to present this guest report from Jon Woodroof (@twotoneatl)! Jon is a dad, bike racer/commuter and entrepreneur in Atlanta, GA. We hope to have more from him and others this summer so stay tuned. Image courtesy @candisnaps

Roswell, GA | April 28th 2013 | CAT 3/4 Criterium

Oh man. Why the rain? This was literally my second ride on my Speedvagen. Freshly dialed & prepped with the PRO service from Chris at Loose Nuts Cycles. I was ready to ape it. Or was I?

After some debate of wether or not to brave the weather, I stepped up to stage for the CAT 3/4. Strategy: keep it cool & see how the race goes. And save some gas for the 2/3 I had also registered for.

The whole 'keep it cool' strategy is a common one for me. I never follow through with it. Mid-crit I jumped & tried to get away, having had some success with that in East Atlanta last year. (By some success, I mean getting away & getting reeled back in) That happened today as well. So I sat back in.

More pain face. I ended up back towards the front with 3 or 4 to go. Tempo ramped up but my cohorts weren't keen to pull so I easily made it to the front & with some great encouragement from my trackie bud Nathaniel Rowe, we made an attack getting several seconds up. We took turns pulling for two laps. I made this face the whole time.

On the bell lap I went berserk. Suddenly realizing I could pull this off I ape'd it full power & brought it home. Second ride on the bike, first crit of the season & I managed a win. SO. STOKED. I decided to not push my luck with two rainy crits in one day & went home already looking forward to Sandy Springs.

[Photos courtesy Mike Waine]

Sandy Springs, GA | May 5th 2013 | CAT 2/3 Criterium

Fueled by my glory last week & mid week success at the track, I rolled up to the staging are for the CAT 2/3 race feeling great.

Sandy Springs' route is known for the final sprint's climb. It gets more brutal each lap & got the best of me this year! My instagram caption below sums it up:

Doh! The @SandySpringRace #SandySpringsCrit was a tough one. The 2/3 field had some heavy hitters driving the pace. I had ended up towards the back. Worked my way back mid pack. Then founds myself tail gun'n once again. With 15 to go I got pulled. Bummer! Shout out to @rualrite for an impressive win. Looks like @danchabanov was right. ; ) Congrats to you guys on a solid #speedweek!

Lessons learned? My first two races on my Speedvagen span the spectrum of highs and lows on the bike: winning & getting dropped. I'm lucky to have such a reliable steel steed to carry me through the ups & downs of racing & training. Not to mention turn a few heads in the process. The bike felt exceedingly stiff compared to the alloy rig I rode previously. It is a great feeling to go toe to toe in competition with such a unique bike. It spurs confidence & is an honor to own such an amazing piece of craftsmanship. More reports to come!

Jon Woodroof | twotoneatl.com

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