Workbench Racing


We  had a lot of fun with Dean DePaco's (@merckxy) Workbench Racing set on Instagram last week! Here's the whole series in review, a look back at some turning points in the race and a few out takes as well. Thanks to everyone who cheered our racers on and participated. This won't be the last time you see Workbench Racers at the Workshop. Departing from Vice and making their way to the File forest and the first big climbs of the day.

A welcome sun break as they entered the File forest warmed their spirits and the breaks started forming.

An early break on the Col du Bent aka the Bastard.

Team Red protecting their man in yellow and pushing the pace at the front.

Blue challenges our leader on the final climb of the week and they separate from the safety of the peloton as they enter the Village of COAT.

The break is caught in the narrow streets of COAT.

(Obligatory aerial shot)

It's on as they approach the 1K mark and the Park de Triomphe!

Yellow makes his move on the left with just meters to go!!! It's going to be a photo finish folks!!!

Blue pushes through the line to take the stage! Yellow will be rewarded for his efforts with the overall win of the 2013 Ronde de Vagen!! Thank you for joining us for this week of racing on TVW. Stay tuned for more #workbenchracing from a shop near you. Special thanks to @merckxy for letting us kick off the season, it was a pleasure and a privilege. Have a great weekend and remember to take it to Eleven everyone!

The final sprint from our friends in the sky.

If you or your shop want to get involved just email Dean and he'll get you in the game!

Next are a few moments that didn't make it to Instagram but were pivotal in the overall race for GC. Enjoy!

The team time trial in the prologue really showed how tight this red team was early in the game.

High in the mountains of the Lathe range.

Racing through the streets of Tinté.

The infamously dangerous Tinté cobble sectors were lead out by the youngest of the peloton. Naive? Maybe, daring, definitely!

A welcome sun break in the flats allowed the peloton to refuel.





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