Birds of Oddness.

  1. Invariably the guys on the steel bikes are A) Smart enough to ride together, B) Too smart to pull, C) Having more fun per mile, D) All of the above.

For the amount of bike loving there is here in Los Angeles, you'd be amazed how many guys don't know bikes that aren't from the big box. Always a thrill to see Peter on his Firefly, and I'm eagerly awaiting my new Speedvagen and looking to send this one in for some fresh paint. And yes, this is how I roll.

All kidding around aside, I hope you get a chance to ride enough at some point... that for a moment it becomes a focus, and being on the bike feels more normal than walking or doing anything else. Because this thing happens to you when you do... You lose yourself and you become part of something bigger than yourself. It gets cosmic. I'm certainly not doing that anymore, there's too much other stuff foreground in life, but the bike still reminds me of it everytime I ride, even when my body refuses to take me there. I hope you get to have that too. It's a joy. In the absense of being there, riding with pals who are clearly in the middle of that experience is the next best thing.


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