I'm digging into the vaults and finding some real gems. For now I'll refer to it as Bikes of the Week or B.O.W. Where we'll pull a few shots from Flickr, feature them on the blog and maybe tell a little about what was going on when it was being built. This one really blew my mind. I've dubbed it "Springvagen" for the fresh, bright custom paintwork COAT did. I asked Sacha about it.

Built as a shop bike prototype to test out our monster tube sets this bike was eventually sold to a friend of the shop. He wanted something special done with the paint, in blue. We love that kind of direction.

This was the first time we played with the very popular and very time consuming color block paint scheme that eventually became the design for the 2011 Surprise Me! road Vagen. "I took the stripes of color from our overt paint scheme and broke them into  blocks in different shades; yellows, blues and greens." Sacha says. "There's also this tone-on-tone blue grid throughout too."

Having the freedom to play with designs and colors, more often than not, leads to new Surprise Me! schemes or new graphics offerings for future Speedvagen runs. We're fortunate to have such trusting friends and customers. Prototyping in-house gives us the ability to control every aspect of the development process. Third party testing, when and where necessary, keeps things on point.





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