Stahl + Wenokur


Coat Paint Shop took two bikes all the way down the component colorwork road this year. The first was a cross machine for Mr. Stahl (below) that found some time on Prolly is Not Probably earlier this year. This is the evolution of our popular Overt paint scheme and, thanks to a couple of really exceptional customers that let us get loose with their Speedvagen, we got to see it out in the world instead of just on a computer screen.

Stahl HT

The second is this purple beauty for Mr. Wenokur. A road machine that brightens the dark and gloomy Portland skies. Notice the way the graphics carry the color striping from the front of the bike to the back. The stripes come over the head badge below, a first for us, over the cups of the headset and around the hubs. You'll see that the colorwork at the stem, seat mast and head, and main triangle wrap these frames up like neat little packages.

Check out both bikes on Flickr for more photos and details about each.


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