I get it now.


For as much brain capacity as I devote full-time to bikes, sometimes it sure feels like I don't ride them much anymore. IMG_2299

lonely, trapped in a cold, dark room

Planning (admittedly kind of lazily) a wedding, buying a house, tending to my best buddy (an 11 year old basset hound) and collecting 'em all leaves little time to easily schedule in weekday rides, which have been the bread and butter of my fitness in previous seasons.  If the weather were consistently better (though it's beautiful today), I could/would maybe shoehorn more miles in; make it a number one priority, but when the conditions call for fenders and beefy tires, it's awfully tempting to just focus on the other things I've got going on, and let my legs become what they may.

Though it certainly sounds like it, let me stress here that I am not complaining.  Having too many good things to split your time between is hardly something to whine about, and I don't intend to.

What this is, I suppose, is more like an apology to my friends and peers who have gone through similar periods of reduced riding, while I just heckled from the sidelines, nagging at them to quit being grown-ups and come outside to roll with me.

I get it now.

Sorry about that, homies.


 killer ride, but the only saddle time that whole week

Anyway, I have no doubt that the trend will change - hopefully in a hurry - what with the Oregon road racing season knocking at the door, but for now I am among the ranks of the sedentary Americans, and I have made peace with that.

So what stops you all from riding, and what's the motivation that makes you break through and get your grundles back on the saddle?



PS:  It's funny to me to think back on the long period of time during which I didn't care for Kool Keith at all. We seem like such a natural match, you know?  Against all logic, however, when I'd put on any song, I'd almost immediately be put off by every single aspect of his steeze.  Then, one fateful spring evening, while slaving away on the Heartbreaker trophies in Markwelder's basement, we listened to Sex Style about one thousand times through on repeat, and at some point a switch flipped, giving birth to the soft, warm glow of Tiny and Kool's love.



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