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We are hiring for a Frame Builder’s Assistant position This position has been filled, however, we are developing a formal apprenticeship program. If you are interested please send your resume and a 1-page letter of interest to customerservice@vanillabicycles.com Thank you!

The Vanilla Workshop houses three brands: Vanilla Bicycles one of a kind and built by Sacha; Speedvagen, our batch built race bike brand; and Coat Paint Shop, painting and powder coating for independent bicycle frame builders including Vanilla and Speedvagen.


We do a lot of things here at The Vanilla Workshop. At the core of what’s going on here is the design, innovation and refinement of the bicycles we craft for our customers.

The person we hire for this position will be introduced to every aspect of frame building. Typical duties will include, but not be limited to:

  • Final machining before and after paint
  • Shaping and affixing our stainless steel head badges
  • Polishing metal such as dropouts and dropout faces, headsets, hubs, and other stainless parts
  • Small parts fabrication like cable stops and brake bridges
  • Paint prep
  • Mechanic support
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Machine maintenance
  • Generally helping out around the shop

We’re looking for someone that likes challenges, who communicates well, is good-natured and who feels at home in a shop environment. A mantra at our shop is that if it isn’t going to be 100%, or damn close, we’re not going to do it. As part of this, we will hire someone who is very particular about details.


Pay and benefits:

The pay for this position will be modest to start and will be based on the level of experience. On top of the base wage, we have a good benefits package including health insurance, profit sharing, and paid time off.

This job will teach you (gradually) how to build bicycle frames and, equally important, the ins and outs of the frame building business. We will be using this opportunity to develop the curriculum for our formal apprenticeship program. We’re excited to shine the light on frame building as a viable trade through this apprenticeship program and you will have a hand in bringing that program to life.

If you feel that you’re a good fit, please send a one-page resume and a one-page cover letter describing your life experience as it applies to this job, including any experience with bicycles or the making of things to:


The deadline for submissions is Jan 23rd

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