Gift Ideas for the little ones

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Still struggling for the perfect gift idea for your little ones since we haven't yet made toddler-sized Speedvagens yet and you cringe at the thought of buying some plastic toy made in China?

In the meantime, get your kid prepped for an amazingly muddy future of cyclocross racing with these limited edition Kids Cross t-shirts!

Made especially for the historically epic Cross Crusades of Oregon, these shirts commemorate the fun of the 2012 Kids Cross season, proudly brought to you by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Speedvagen Racing Machines. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt ($15) go to fund the BTA and Kids Cross for future seasons. Pick yours up today from!

Remember folks, it's free for kids to race Kids Cross, but giving back to the source will help guarantee your kid smiling through the mud again next fall.

Posted on December 12, 2012 and filed under Uncategorized.