Fighting Jet Lag...


IMG_1998 With 25,000+  flown miles within the past 6 days (SYD>SF>AUSTIN>SF>SYD>SF>CHICAGO), I figured there was no better way to kick the jetlag than by lining up in Chicago Cross Cup's 2012 Afterglow in downtown Chicago!  I Rolled out the pink SV and put the Super Record 11 to the mud bath!


Perfect conditions and another (second year in a row) great venue, this year in Douglas Park.  Thanks all for the many Speedvagen shoutouts, especially from Todd and the TenSpeedHero crew.



From United Airlines center seat while juggling two groms on the 24 hour mission from Sydney to a 6th place in the Men's 1, 2, 3 field...bookending the season is on track! Next up another Chicago venue in early Jan...The New Year's Resolution and then Nat's!

- Jeff Curtes

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