Your favorite Vanilla's...

IMG_0469 an attractive easy to hang format!

Green Stepthrough

We've restocked a limited number of our popular "All Star" prints. Based upon the beautiful images that Vanilla’s photographer Bob Huff has taken of our bikes, each studio shot has been printed on large (10”x 20”) sheets of gorgeous, raw ¼” planks of northwest fir. We balanced the visual weight of the bicycle with hand painted pin striping by Coat, our in-house paint shop, in signature Vanilla colors. We then accented the design with an actual stainless headbadge, mounted with the same stainless hardware that we use to affix the headbadge to our frames.

Stainless Lugged Track

SS cross in cream

Big Bagged Green Rando

This is the perfect gift for any bike lover, even that bike lover is you. However, there are a limited supply of these prints available, so don't delay!

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