The Learning.


I just got back from Mantour. A ride with 40 or so buddies ranging in age from 10 year old Ryder (who joined us for a few miles at the begining) to 70 something .. who rides 40 hours a week, has low single digit body fat and who's medicine chest would surely make Lance tremble with envy. *sorry to out you $$$$$... but man I'd do it too. It's not anti aging.. it's making you younger.Anyway... and so we all flew into Santa Rosa and mounted up and rode home to Los Angeles.The long day was 130 miles...

Here I am, 6 days and 600 something miles later taking an extra day off work because I'm empty and filled up at the same time. I was just thinking about the bike and the learning.

Kevin and Melanie started this thing called Mantour... an invitation only Gumball rally of a sort. Fly in, ride out. Some of the guys are still at the racing... Kevin just grabbed a National Championship on the track, and some of the guys are hot messes (but are fun guys regardless). Long days of shuffling the deck to postion oneself away from the over talkers or disaster makers, hours spent astonished at how strong some guys are, and longer days just feeling happy to be around dudes that have fun in their own flavor. Great guys all suffering uniquely for the discomfort, the miles ahead, the bone fatigue, and the close quarters. A different kind of suffering.... and a different kind of joy. Every guy is strong in their own way and every guy a distinct character. I love them all. I'm lucky to bro out with them. Point is, racing is just a part of the sport. I don't even know that it's the pointy end of the stick. I keep learning so much about my limits and comfort zones and the importance of bumping into them, being forced into that dialogue and if not totally transcending them, or at least having a beer on their dollar. So, if you've read this far... push yourself out of your comfort zone on the bike. Bring friends. Ride the state you live in until you have a new relationship with the place. And then abstract and generalize to all of your life. Man tour indeed.

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