Report from Japan...

Last weekend was the third annual Nobeyama Cyclocross race in Japan. Our Oregon based riders, Tina Brubraker and Laura Winberry traveled overseas while Jeff Curtes flew up from Australia. They were joined there by fellow Japanese teammates Daisuke Yano and Kohei Maeda.

When the heavy mud finally settled in the elite women's race, Laura Winberry stood third place on the podium behind top Japanese riders Ayako Toyooka and Sakiko Miyauchi. Tina Brubaker placed fourth.

Laura battling it out for podium positions.

Tina hammering away in the thick mud.

In the elite mens race, Kohei Maeda had a strong tenth place finish.

Congrats everyone for strong racing in what looked like highly demanding conditions!

You can find full race results, photos and reports from

Stay tuned for reports from the second UCI race on the sandy shores of Lake Biwa, Shiga Japan, this weekend.

Until then, enjoy these great photos from Jeff Curtes.

Tina's got fans all over the globe...

Just like they have at countless Kids Cross races in Oregon, Tina and Laura lead out the kids race in Nobeyama.

Sacha is there to lend a helping hand over the barriers...

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