Racers and spacers


It's been a busy couple of weeks; so much news to catch up on! First and foremost, I'm proud to announce that, warranty be damned, I'm now living the spacer-free lifestyle on one more bike.  Observe:

Safety nerds may recoil in horror at the thought of cutting the steerer shorter than the top of the stem, but in response to those nerds I say "Leave me alone, you're not my dad!"

Oh, also, "this looks cooler, nerds."

In all seriousness though, I've always wondered about the leave-some-steer-tube-above-the-stem vs. DON'T debate thing.  My gut tells me it probably does make sense to leave a little above, from a strength and durability standpoint, but at the same time my gut tells me that the difference probably is slim, especially if one is careful to only cut the minimum necessary amount below the top of the stem to roll spacer-less.  My gut also tells me that one of the fun parts about being the size of an average child is that I likely don't need to waste much time worrying about equipment strength at all.  Light bars, light stems, light saddles, light rims...  bring 'em!

Moving on.  Let's talk about races.  Specifically, let's talk about the magic of Saturday races, with their small fields and intimate courses.  The Canby Cross-Word CX Challenge Round 2 was just such a race, and I did it this past Saturday, and, chicks and dudes, at the risk of being a shameless bragger, I totally won it.  The real race too, the A race.

Before my head outgrows my helmet, though, allow me to run through the details that allowed a bumbling mid-packer to notch up a W.

  • The course, which was astoundingly fun, very much rewarded good luck and good tires over fitness.  Score one for me!
  • There was no run-up.  I'm awesome at run-ups, but that awesomeness pales in comparison to how terrible I am at pedaling my bike after them.
  • Nobody pre-rode the course, so everybody was forced to go Sam-speed while they tried to figure things out.
  • There were only 7 starters.
  • The fastest starter had a really, truly unfortunate landing in a crash, and did something awful to his shoulder.
  • The second fastest starter was also the nicest starter, and stopped to help him.

So there you go, that's the ingredient list for a Tiny-style win!  Don't get me wrong, I'm still proud as all hell - I hung the medal up in my living room, and I'll remind friends and strangers alike that I'm a winner whenever I can - I just wanted to put the cold hard facts on the internet, because historical accuracy in the topic of amateur bike racing is important.

And with that, I'm signing off.  Everybody out there have a killer Tuesday, okay?


The Tiniest Sprinter

PS:  Oh!  You know what else is great about Saturday races?  You can party super hard afterwards, and not have the threat of a hung over Monday at work looming over you.  Nothing beats a post-race hero sauce session, especially when you get to clink bottles with creeps like these.

PPS:  As cool as spacer-less bikes and winning 'cross races is, BMX is cooler.  Way cooler.


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