What's your favorite bike part? Questions about favorites are tough.  Favorite movie, album, type of noodle, whatever...  All are very difficult to answer, and all generally serve only to launch the askee into frantic list-making mode, followed by his or her acknowledgment that those lists are still likely incomplete or not totally accurate on account of all the things not currently being remembered.  For instance, I would start with Jaws, 36 Chambers, and linguini, but then right away I'd want to correct myself and say Tremors, Labor Days, and those wagon wheel looking mac'n'cheese things, and then I'd quit trying, because it's impossible, and because I'm a quitter.

The bike part thing, though?  I've got that one pinned down.

my record hubs, circa sometime-around-the-turn-of-the-century

These hubs...  These hubs.  I don't think I could tell you exactly what makes them feel so special to me, but damn do I love 'em.  I suppose the biggest reason, if I'm honest, is just that they're really shiny and curvy.  In this era of matte black "murdered out" race bikes, parts like this stand out, and I like that.  I think I'd still feel the same way about them if silver were the norm though.  Another reason I love them is that I know that hubs like these - with cup and cone bearings and sturdy freehub bodies - will quite possibly last me until I'm so old I can't ride bikes any more.  And I love that despite their durability, they have an aesthetic delicateness about them (to me, anyway) that almost makes me feel guilty using them on anything but clean, dry roads.  I simply can't imagine a set of hubs I'd rather have.

And that's why, hands down, these are my favorite bike parts.

What, if it's fair to ask, are your favorite bike parts?



PS:  Speaking of favorites, absolute or otherwise, I've been so stuck on this truly awful video that I think  now, whether I like it or not, it qualifies as a fav.  And it makes me want some silly(?) from the syrup locker.  I'm not proud.


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