and they're off!


This week, Sacha and the rest of the Speedvagen team packed up their bikes and their bags and flew off to Japan for some racing, making sure to mark the third annual Nobeyama Cyclocross Race off their list while they're at it. While we're at the shop, slaving away and waiting on reports of their travels and racing to come back (last year Tina placed third), I'll share some photos that the BTA snapped of Speedvagen Team riders Tina Brubaker and Laura Winberry, leading out some favorable opponents at last weeks Washington County Fairgrounds Kids Cross race. When it comes to cross racing in the Pacific Northwest and epic race conditions, last weekend was about as good as it gets.

"I've got money on the big kid out front"

PS: They're definitely a lot cleaner in these photos than they were an hour and a half later.

EDIT: there are some photos slowly leaking in....

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