Highs and Lows


*I wrote this guy a while back, but then removed it because it gave away some secrets about the amazing 2012 surprise me cx paint job.  As such, it's neither current nor very relevant - my shoulder is actually feeling much much better these days - but I spent some precious time making these words, so I'm gonna put them on the internet anyway, damnit! At the risk of sounding like a whinging baby (I watch a lot of Top Gear, so it's OK for me to use British words), my shoulder continues to be problematic.  On Sunday September 30th I had to call it quits in the A race at Barlow, and I couldn't start the single speed race at all.  The bumps that spring forth from the rock hard ground after 3 months with no moisture, they are not friendly to a frail whiner like myself.  Such a classic course; I felt fantastically lame sitting it out.


The day prior On September 29th I won the single speed race at the new Fazio Farms course!

Truth be told, I didn't intend to race at all out there.  The pictures of the course construction that the Ironcladders posted up left me with suspicions that the terrain would be too raw for me.  I rode out to watch and, at first glance, my in-person impression was much the same.  However, two pints from their sponsor's keg later, and I was hankering to shred, so I popped on for two hot laps during the open course time and, amazingly, I found it to be not really jarring at all!  A braver person than myself (most everybody qualifies; I won't go out to my car or into the garage by myself after sundown, and I have sworn to never ever not even once set foot in an attic) would have just taken their chances, raced the A race, and been the better for it, but I could at least still hop in for the one-speed event.

Tangent:  I prefer the A race over the single speed, if I have to choose just one, because at the end of the day it leaves me feeling like I am tough, courageous, and deserving of a large dinner. It just seems like the right race for me to be doing, if that makes sense.  That said, the single speed race is rad too.  For one, instead of totally gutting myself to stay top 10 or 15 or whatever in the A race, in the single speed race I can kind of just... be at the front, if I want (depending on who shows up).  For two, 45 minutes < 60 minutes.

Anyway, in this particular SS race, I had a great battle with Steve (teammate) and Brian Kesselman (who, incidentally, broke his collar bone in the vary same crash as myself this spring).  It was like track-guys-do-cross! except for that I'm not positive I consider myself a track guy anymore, but whatever.  I'm sure it was cute for the real 'cross dudes and chicks to watch anyway!  I was entering corners writing checks for "amounts of speed" that my "skillz account" couldn't cash, and thus bouncing figuratively and literally all over the damn place.

A proper good time.  And a proper fun course.  I heard tales of lots of flats, but I didn't get any myself, so all I can say is the route was fun, the dust was charming, and the rock sections were really no problem.  As long as you're a 125lb (yeah!) little homie with good tubulars and better luck, that is.  Aren't we all, though?

Oh yeah, and CHECK OUT MY NEW BIKE!  Jealous?

Thanks Brett Cassidy and Ironclad Cycling, for letting me show your pictures!

The race photos don't really do the paint details justice, trust me.  Come take a closer look at the races! Starcrossed is this coming Saturday was many weeks ago, who's in did you do it ?!?


The Tiniest Sprinter

PS:  A good one -


PPS:  And a better one!  Smell what the Rock is cooking, jabroni.


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