I got fat


and since I'm not racing I decided I needed a training goal. A bunch of buddies do this thing called "ManTour". Essentially we fly up to San Jose, ride north for a day and then come down via San Francisco until we hit the Southbay of Los Angeles. I'd love to say its an easy roll.... but the truth is... if you get dropped you're left for dead. The long day is 140 miles and its an ego fest. We leave the last week of October. One car with one backpack each to see us through. I've had 10 weeks in total to lose ten lbs and adapt to consecutive long days in the saddle when I'm riding like an effete coffee addict, and trying bibs out for their spanx-effect. All I can do is overload and hope in the next few weeks something sparks. It's not pretty. At least I'll be fit in November...

Posted on September 22, 2012 and filed under Uncategorized.