Road Distraction


A 35mph motorcycle leadout and a bit of a tailwind is the very best way to stoke the fantasy that you're a lot faster than you really are

It's August now, and we're bottom bracket deep in crit season (gross).  This is the time of year that I live for.  Long days with late races, hot weather, top end workouts, no worries about mileage, porking up a bit if we feel like it; in short, heaven.

It's also the time of year when I feel like it's really easy to accidentally find oneself smack in the middle of a mental burnout.

If you've been riding since November or January or whenever - or if, like me, you've been riding since 5 years ago - with no real time off the bike, and no break from thinking about and living for racing, the needle on the warning gauge for deciding-to-stop-giving-a-shit is creeping steadily towards the red.  In the past, I've remedied this issue with strategic time off and a couple skipped races, once my mental state had already deteriorated.  The past couple years, however, I've found that my results were quite a bit more positive if I took a more preemptive approach to burnout.  For me, that means backing away from the road bike just a bit.

Enter weekday MTB rides.

Tiny 29ers look delightfully like little monster trucks

Cary Millionaire does not pork up during crit season, or ever

Lingwood, looking all hell of shy/surprised/cute-as-a-button!

Average speed of 8mph.  A crit this ain't.

Gotta keep the love for road bike races aflame with a little MTB strange on the side, you know what I'm saying?  It does magical things for the brain.  Anybody else wake up in a hot sweat from dreams of a Speedvagen mountain bicycle?

Anyway, it's Friday afternoon, so I'm out.  Hope to see everybody out at the Franz Bakery "Criterium" tomorrow!


The Tiniest Sprinter

PS:  Couldn't bring myself to brag in the main body, but:  this and this.  Not a bad weekend to be a Gentle Lover!

PPS:  This has been in my head on a nonstop loop courtesy of Mandy Bootz, so now I'm putting it in yours.  Is this butt rock?  I've never felt comfortable applying that term correctly.


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