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You may not be aware of this, but for as much as we here at The Vanilla Workshop are passionate about bikes... we also kinda really love soccer. In fact, little known detail is that Speedvagen actually has a futsal team that plays in a local league and many bike frames are built around conversation regarding team tactics. That, and we have folks here in the shop that play in other soccer leagues throughout the area, people that were recruited to play collegiate soccer, and people whose children loved attending futsal camp over the summer.

So, it's not that surprising that during these Olympics, we've been a little fanatic about the US Women's Soccer team. Thankfully all of their weekday games have taken place during shop hours so instead of rocking out to Kenny Loggins (as we usually do), we've been streaming the game and multitasking - ie: measuring your seat stays to the sounds of GOOOOOOOOOOAL (please note... we always double check our measurements after exciting plays happen).

Also, it just so happens that one of our favorite USA players, Megan Rapinoe, went to college right here at the University of Portland. Recently Nike featured Megan in their "Always On" segment and in the midst of all the yoga, coffee, soccer playing, music and general "Portlandesque things" in the video, Megan also spends some QT with one of our favorite Vanillas.


Anyways, we want to take this opportunity to wish Megan Rapinoe and the rest of the US Women good luck in their Gold Medal match against Japan which is happening today. We're all pulling for you here at the shop!

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