Congratulations SVCX Class of 2012!

We know that you're eagerly awaiting your new bike. To keep you from getting too antsy, we have a special deal to help distract you: For our for our class of 2012 Cross Machine owners we're offering 25% off of Speedvagen and Vanilla merchandise.

To take advantage of this deal, just access our online store, pick out what you like and at checkout, enter in the code: SVCX2012 to get 25% off your whole order!

When your bike is ready to ship (soon, soon), we’ll package your ordered items with your bike so that shipping will also be free!*

Now is the time to pimp out yourself and your Speedvagen with socks, waterbottles, hats, t-shirts, vintage Vanilla kits, pit boots, Vanilla prints and yes... even brass knuckles!

*We will refund your merchandise shipping in paypal after the transaction has been completed.

Posted on August 15, 2012 and filed under Uncategorized.