Thank you frame.


There's this one descent I always gas-it down. It's just easier to stay ahead of the traffic and it feels somehow safer to take full steam (Topanga). Its not too technical... some of the turns fall away from you, there's a grip of cars and so it's best to get ahead of them, and you're generally between 40-50mph in the thick of it. Anyway, today... right in the apex of one of the fast fall-away turns there was a nice plop of sand that must of squished out of a construction truck. My front wheel was in it and leaned over before I could even think to change lines and swish... the front tire lost all traction.... and you know what happened next? Nothing. The front washed out.. and came back in and everything is fine. I'd love to say it was me.... but it was the frame (and maybe the tire pressure). I find that on this bike.. more than any other... that you can get yourself out of trouble just letting the bike work it out for you (and not panicking)... just for there being nothing silly about the geometry. Anyway.... my skin thanks you up there in Portland. I told myself I'd write this note when I got home. Just waiting for my b*lls to re-descend.It's just one of those special frames where you can let things get spooky knowing that there's always a way to correct through it. Love that.

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