The regular Daily Stat update took a hiatus Friday as it was a WELDING PARTY once Mike DeSalvo showed up from Ashland to help the SV crew on their marathon of frame building.

There is a solid month of work leading up to the welding of the main triangles including: Fitting folks that are going full custom, design those frames and helping those that are getting stock frames to dial in their size, consolidate design info into cut lengths, angles, etc. We mark cuts on the tubes, miter and fit-up (in the frame fixture) and clean each tube before putting them in kits to be welded. We machine each headtube so that they taper gracefully into the headset, dial in the angles of the chainstay dropout joints, braze them and miter the BB end. There are several stops for alignment check along the way...That's a glimpse into the preparation and it all leads up to a weekend of glory:

From 11am -11:30pm on Friday, we worked to fabricate a gaggle of new Speedvagen frames and then came back to hit it again from 8am-3:30 on Saturday.

Overall, there were over fifty-two combined man hours, at least eight sandwiches, xxx cups of coffee, four bib bags of potato chips, fifteen hours of NPR and one growler of Boneyard IPA consumed.

Now there, are beautiful new shiny Speedvagen frames hanging from the wall, just waiting for their next steps - great work everyone.

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