That Sense of Community

2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

[youtube][/youtube] I get so snotty about group rides and such. Last week, one of the locals... who we all love dearly... lost his brother. Folks decided to dedicate Seth's morning training ride to Ian... and to try do what we can. And so, when what we have in common is the bike... the thing we do is just go ride. And a ride where the whole point is to stomp one another... we go out and stomp. Seth usually shoots and rants about the stomping and also the hiding, and the good and bad riding. Ultimately it pushes enough buttons or strokes enough egos that folks show up... and are motivated to ride right. So, all of our lives are made better by Seth.

I'm kind of a difficult person and an acquired taste for folks... I get really upset for people when they die too young or take their own life. And I just feel really proud of all of us cyclists when we do what we do for each other.... and for me that's that we ride in all the ways we ride, we give each other shit in all the ways we do, and we show up for each other when we can. Anyway... and there's a nice shot of the stays on the Vagen at about 5:28. I hope the video isn't too sentimental and I hope you've got a community of folks that you love and hate to ride with. It's the best thing ever. Why's it always gotta be my fat ass being shot? Noel

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