Statistics 6-19-12


Between our pain(t) shop and our frame shop, there are currently 7 of us. What happens here other than building and painting bikes? Our domestic side? Here are our stats:

TRANSPORTATION: rode bike solo: 5 (37 round trip miles) drove: 1

CONSUMED: beverages cups of coffee: 7 cups of tea: 4

food bought lunch: 5 (shrimp burrito, burrito, burrito) brown bagged it: 1 (carrots, turkey sandwich, salami sandwich)

MUSIC: The More You Ignore Me - Morrissey The More You Ignore Me - Morrissey

RECENTLY OVERHEARD: PREFACE: Call in radio station asked for people to call in with jokes about "their tribe". We only know one Painter Joke, our friend Tom came up with it. Q: What's red and smells like blue paint? A: Red paint.

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