Statistics 6-7-2012


We had visitors from the Franklin High School bike maintenance class. Unfortunately it was riche on the crest of a Speedvagen fabrication wave, so we couldn't dedicate as much time to them as we would have liked. Stoked to share with them a little bit about where bike frame come from and that if they want, making a bike frame, or anything else for that matter is not out of reach.

Anyhow, here're our stats


TRANSPORTATION: rode bike: 3 (12.5 round trip miles) drove: 3

CONSUMED: beverages cups of coffee: 6 cups of tea: 2

food bought lunch: 5 (pop chips... for everyone, burrito, burrito, burrito) brown bagged it: 1 (pop chips... for everyone, edamame)

MUSIC: Vanilla: Justin Timberlake - All Day Long Coat: NPR - All Day Long

What we worked on:

-Finished up a Vanilla build for a fine gentleman from Seattle (thanks Harsha!) -Machined some prototype pieces for this year's cross team bikes (next level stuff, yo) -Finalized colors for the forms that Coat will be using internally and sent files off to the print shop -Boxed up a couple of frames -Did a ton of prep on tubing, etc. for Speedvagen cross frames

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