Statistics 4-6-12


Between our pain(t) shop and our frame shop, there are currently 7 of us. What happens here other than building and painting bikes? Our domestic side? Here are our stats:

Clockwise from the gent in red plaid: Patrick (paint) Birger, pronounced Beergrrr (paint) Greg (frameshop) David (paint) Jenn (our new Front End Manager) Vega (bookkeeper), Sacha , Glenn (paint) and Scott  (frameshop) behind the camera.

TRANSPORTATION: rode bike solo: 5 (35 round trip miles) drove: 2 rode bike with dog: 1

CONSUMED: beverages: cups of coffee: 28 cups of tea: 4

food: bought lunch: 8

(Sacha bought everyone in the Workshop lunch at Compote! It was awesome and amazingly cute. The whole Vanilla/Coat crew outside in the sun, worked on our tans and listened to Greg tell us stories of how the US is slowly degrading because people are bastardizing ways to cook chicken. Oh, that and once Greg got struck by lightning. Example of a lunch option at this fine establishment... Breakfast Stack: poached eggs with sauteed greens on grilled polenta with pickled onion. )

Sacha's edit: "Oh my god, that lunch was so good. Everything was spot on. Not easy, right?"

RECENTLY OVERHEARD: "Did I ever tell you guys about that one time I was struck by lightning while peeing off the side of a mountain?" -Greg


Whiskey River - Willie Nelson

"Whiskey River"

HOURS SPENT: Metal fabrication: 8 Painting: 24 Cleaning:.5 Administration: 24.5 Working with customers: 1

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