Monday in the shop


so....Other than the carbon seat tube'd bikes, the pink, blue and army (and their accompanying stems, bars, hubs, etc.) are nearly done. Sm's are close to done and looking quite sporty and  dignified. A favorite around the shop these days. Carbon Seat tube's bikes are making their way back to paint and and the first few (10 carbon st's  total) will be getting color this week.

Masking the stainless at the top of the seat tube.

Until these frame get their carbon seat tubes, they're bound to remain the butt of countless softride jokes.

Attaching the headbadge

Cleaning out the holes in a headbadge

CS protector. I wish there was a solution that worked better than a clear piece of plastic, that also didn't add weight, or complexity. This has been on my mind, but nothin' yet.

Using all available space. Tubies glued up, curing waiting for another coat.

Ho pink and Blue in the paint shop waiting for finishing and final QC

Enve stems prepped and ready for primer

Pro bar/stem combo waiting for paint

Di2 stainless steel wiring port masked for paint.

The inside of our SV dropouts are stainless steel to minimize wear and tear in this high traffic area. The stainless is given a brushed finish and masked before any prep/ painting is done.

mid-graphic application

masks are laid and the more saturated blue of the hollow text under the TT and on top of the Dt have been sprayed. The next step is unmasking

Pro bar/stem combo getting masked for paint.

More soon

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