The Orient Express


Tina Brubaker has been a long time Speedvagen team rider (and Vanilla before there was Speedvagen). She has raced at the top level in cross and on the road for many many years both here in Oregon and nationally. Tina has been an ambassador for the sport of Cyclocross through mentoring youngsters, and being a positive force in general. She matches Speedvagen's philosophy of tough, but not so tough that you can't also laugh at yourself and be good to your competition.

Kind, loyal, foxy, knowledgeable, seasoned, fast. The perfect team member.

She recently went, on invitation, to Japan to race a handful of UCI races there. Here's a note:


Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to race and represent SpeedVagen in Japan.

Daisuke is doing an amazing job representing your bikes in Japan, their presence is very prevalent. As well, he and his family are truly generous and wonderful people. The public interest in Vanilla/Speedvagen is awesome. My bike was like a rock star over there....and THANKFULLY I made the podium in Nobeyama and go to stand next to the Japanese national champion, so the story has a very happy ending!

I highly suggest going there next cross season if you have a chance. What an amazing country. What amazing people.

You would love it.

Hope all is well for you.



Photos credited to Hideyuki Suzuki. See more here

I asked tina for more photos and any stoties from the trip. Hopefully we'll see a part two. In the meantime a little more SV contant. This is her racebike that we built in 2010. Di2, Enve, Speedvagen Integrated stem, King R45 hubs and king BB, Paul touring cantis in the rear and neo-retro's up front.

More on tina and her bike here


The Orient Express was a train in the 1800's that traveled from Paris to Istanbul. It doesn't have anything to do with Japan and especially not gold bikes and female cyclocross racers in Japan. I do like the name for this post, though...

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